Auditorium 2000The 38th GEEW will take place at the Brussels Exhibition Centre, in the Auditorium 2000, from Sunday, June 21, to Tuesday, June 23, 2020 (core program). The meeting will start on Sunday June 21, 2020 with "How I do it" sessions focused on technical tricks from experts and hands'on sessions (on special reservation). As well, on Sunday afternoon, we will propose a dedicated program for the nurses, based on hands-on training focusing on accessories.

Started in 1983 and held every year in June, this meeting has become established as one of the largest European Workshops in its field, gathering around 400-500 participants coming from 55 to 60 different countries worldwide.
The course is held in the AUDITORIUM 2000, a comfortable half circled meeting room garanteing good visibility of the large screens.


This meeting is designed for endoscopists and gastroenterologists but also for physicians in training as well as for nurses and GI assistants. It will include live video demonstrations permitting interchanges between faculty and registrants during procedures, using our interactive App, lectures and quizzes.

To encourage discussion, GEEW Questions and Answers time will be scheduled, leaded by a group of experts, to clarify and discuss the live cases and the topic of the session.

Participation of young colleagues is encouraged and we hope they will be interested in taking part to the hands'on sessions on Sunday afternoon. 



The audio-visual transmission to the Brussels Exhibition Centre on Monday and Tuesday will be broadcast live from 4 endoscopic suites located at Erasme Hospital and each procedure will be performed by international expert physicians selected for their outstanding teaching capabilities in collaboration with members of the local staff.

All over the procedures, information summarizing the most recent publications will be displayed to reinforce the discussion based on scientific evidence.

The overall goal of this course is to provide information about current technology and to enhance knowledge in gastroenterology and endotherapy. Moreover, new techniques and new accessories will be demonstrated and discussed with the audience. In controversial cases, a consensus will be sought by means of the GEEW App.

Endotherapy is becoming more and more complex and fascinating new technologies have been implemented over the last years. All of these will be demonstrated and future prospects will be discussed during live demontrations and State of the Art lectures.

We look forward to welcoming you in Brussels in June 2020.